Autumn Yoga Day Retreat


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Autumn Yoga Day Retreat

Sunday 22nd October  10am – 4pm

The season of Autumn is a great time for reconnecting to your own self-care routines and develop practices that deeply nourish both body & mind.

In my Autumn  yoga retreat day we will be combining a number of different modalities to explore ways  to nourish and support ourselves as we move towards Winter.  A wonderfully relaxing  day providing the perfect opportunity for you to rest, re-connect and spend some quality ‘you time’

The day will comprise of:

  • Yoga practices in the Morning and Afternoon

AM – Support, Grounding, Nourishment …A Yang to Yin slightly more dynamic practice will move between grounding and stillness  combined with acupressure points to target specific meridian channels

PM – The afternoon Yoga session will be much more relaxing as we settle in with some Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra to end. The culmination of the days practices: grounding, slowing down, finding support and letting go, will begin to reap their benefit.

  • Meditation & Breathing

Working with the breath and meditation to turn inwards before taking time to reflect with an exercise in cultivating appreciation

  • Walk in Nature (*optional and weather permitting)

We will take a short time out the Studio to spend a little time in the fresh air, getting back to nature and appreciating the beauty around us.

  • Lunch

A wholesome, healthy, Vegetarian Lunch to nourish mind and body and keep you going for the rest of the day

  • Ayurveda For Autumn

A look into Ayurvedic support for Autumn:  Herbs, Diet & Nutrition and Abhyanga, the practice of daily massage with ayurvedic oils

All yoga equipment, food and drink is provided on the day. Just bring yourself ( and your wellies for the walk!) and savour the time to simply take in what you need, restore and replenish your body, heart and mind. I guarantee you will leave feeling grounded, nourished and rejuvenated on all levels.


**Please note due to small group numbers Yoga Day Retreats are non-refundable and non-transferable **