Women’s Health & Wellbeing Programmes

When it comes to Women’s Health we truly need a deeper approach to health & medicine to maintain balance and stay well as we transform through the different cycles of our lives.

Each phase we move through offers opportunity to heal, to release old patterns, to face the current challenges and to move forwards with more strength.

Sadly each of these phases, from fertility & the menstrual cycle, pregnancy& birth, to the final transition into Menopause, have become more and more medicalised. Our intuition feels supressed, natural instincts disregarded and the power of our own healing ability forgotten.

So I want to provide you with some powerful tools to help bring that back. To begin to understand your body, hormones and health and take control back of your own wellbeing.

My Women’s Wellbeing Packages are designed to help support, educate and  encourage you to feel empowered with whatever stage of life you are currently in or approaching.


Fertility & The Menstrual Cycle

Pregnancy “Preparing For Motherhood”

Post -Natal “The Fourth Trimester”