Post -Natal “The Fourth Trimester”

Life with your newborn is a truly special time and a time you deserve to look back on with special memories that will last a lifetime. But it is not a time we are supposed to navigate alone. As new parents we can sometimes feel a little isolated,  with our tiny humans and left to fend for ourselevs in this very “new world” of babies and parenting.

As our body re-adjusts to its pre-pregnant state hormonal fluctuations, recovery from birth, broken sleep and the demands of caring for a newborn can be overwhelming.

My Fourth Trimester Wellbeing Package will help support you in understanding the depth of change that takes place on all levels when baby arrives and prepare you for life with baby so that you can enjoy this time with more  strength, ease and confidence.  This programme comprises therapeutic yoga to help re-align the spine and hips, strengthen the back, core and pelvic floor, breathing practices to help ease the instability of hormonal fluctuations, Meditation,  Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra to combat fatigue and release both physical & mental tension.