Pregnancy “Preparing For Motherhood”

Pregnancy can be joyful, exciting, and full of hope for what will be, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. Hormonal changes, bodily changes, work pressures, fear of birth, motherhood, how you will cope are all very real factors that can affect your health and wellbeing during pregnancy.

My “Preparing for Motherhood” Wellbeing Package will help guide and support you through each and every stage of your pregnancy with specially adapted yoga movements, breathing, relaxation and meditation practices specific to each stage and therapeutic practices to help ease some of the common conditions that arise in pregnancy.

Also included for the final trimester is a private couples Birth Workshop to prepare you and your birth partner for the “main event”. Psychology & stages of labour, breathing techniques, positions for labour based on biomechanics, partner support, essential oils for use in labour, rebozo techniques.

Enjoy your pregnancy, learn how to connect with your breath, your body, your baby and prepare to enter Motherhood with confidence and strength.