‘Movement into Motherhood’ Programmes are designed to fully support you through your pregnancy and help prepare you for birth and motherhood.  Programmes are a combination of pre-recorded digital content (audio & video) which you can work through in your own time and private one-to-one tuition with me through each trimester. An added bonus to this programme offers a private Couples Birth Preparation Session for you and your partner covering psychology/stages of labour, breathing/massage techniques, birth/labour positions & rebozo techniques. 

What's Included

3 x Asana videos for each trimester

  • 1st trimester (up to 15weeks)
  • 2nd trimester  (16 -29 weeks)
  • 3rd trimester (30 weeks +)

Pranayama (Breathing) : Audio Recordings:

  • 3x breathing practices for pregnancy & labour


  • Heart to Womb Breath Meditation
  • Oxytocin Meditation

Relaxation & Yoga Nidra

  • Early pregnancy
  • +25weeks

Yoga Therapy

  • Sequence for Pelvic Pain
  • Myo Fascial Release for Feet, Calves, Hips, Upper back

Private sessions

  • 121 1st trimester
  • 121 2nd trimester
  • 121 3rd trimester

Couples Birthworkshop ( 2hr)


  • Stages of labour
  • Psychology of labour
  • Labour and Birth positions based on biomechanics of birth
  • Rebozo techniques