Fertility & The Menstrual Cycle

Having knowledge and understanding of the menstrual cycle is a key factor in Women’s Health. To understand our body’s physiology, our hormones and how they change through each of the phases of the cycle is powerful information which can give insights into our mood, energy, sleep, confidence and general wellbeing.

Painful periods, heavy, irregular, PMS, Fertility issues, PCOS and Endometriosis are all common conditions today that many women feel they just have to live with.

Whether you are trying to get pregnancy or not, dreading your period every month because of its effects or with struggling with the pain of endometriosis this is an education every single woman needs to have.

Working one to one will give us the opportunity to really look into the phases of your own cycle and apply tailor made practices to suit you and your needs.  Programmes will include a combination of yoga asana, breathing, meditation, restorative yoga and TCM acupressure points.