Fertility & The Menstrual Cycle




‘Know your Cycle’ is an education in understanding your own menstrual cycle, a key factor in our health as a women. This programme is suited to all women who want to feel empowered to take control of their own wellbeing, health & healing. It can be useful to support those working though fertility issues (& in conjunction with IVF), painful periods, PMS, irregular periods or amenorrhea. The programme offers a combination of pre-recorded digital content (audio & video) for which you have lifetime access and 3 private one to one sessions* with me to assess your needs and build on a personal practice.

What's Included

I x asana video for each phase of the cycle:-

  • Menstrual Phase
  • Follicular Phase
  • Ovulation
  • Luteal Phase

Pranayama (Breathing) : Audio Recordings

  • X 3 breathing practices

Yoga Nidra for Fertility (Audio Recording)

Meditation For Menstruation (Audio Recording)

Meditation for Clearing Stress

2 x Private 121 Session ( In person or via Zoom)