Intro to Prenatal Yoga: An Empowered Pregnancy & Birth Sat 21st Oct


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Intro to Prenatal Yoga

Sat 21st Oct 10am – 12.30pm

No matter what stage of Pregnancy you are this workshop will provide basis for how you can use yoga throughout your pregnancy and help you prepare for the birth of your baby.

You will learn all the core breathing techniques which are helpful during pregnancy,  in labour and  throughout the post natal period.  The effect of the breath on our physiology and mental stability is profound. As such learning to ‘Breathe Well’ during this transitional period is a skill well worth investing your time into.

During the workshop I will share tips and information from my 10 years plus experience of teaching in this field. We will look at adapting a yoga practice to suit the needs of pregnancy, focusing on areas that require more strength, stability or release, including pelvic floor  for pregnancy.  You will learn ‘silly walks’ , transitions to support spinal and pelvic alignment, techniques to de-stress  and leave with short practice you can do at home.

If you have never practiced Yoga before now is the perfect time to learn and understand how this age old Tradition can support you through your pregnancy & labour and move into Motherhood feeling calm &  focused.

This workshop is a perfect start to your pregnancy and will provide you with with a more in depth look at how Yoga supports this important time in a woman’s life.