New Year : Resolve, Release, Restore


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New Year Yoga : Resolve, Restore, Release

Sun 28th Jan 2pm – 5.00pm

The new calendar year is the perfect time to take stock and let go of old habits.

Our ‘saṁskāra-s’  or past patterns can be strong but so too is our capacity to rewrite them. Yoga helps us to understand that not only is this possible but that the direction of change we so often seek is so much more in our own hands than we realize ……

So,  as we step forwards into the New Year, new season, new day lets push our best intentions forwards and remind ourselves that every thought, emotion, word and behavior that we choose, changes us.  Lets make that change for the better!

In this powerful afternoon workshop we will be delving into the practice of  ‘Sankalpa’ a ritual that helps us align with and support our highest truth and honour the deeper meaning of our life. We will use yoga asana, breathwork, mudra, mantra and kriya techniques to move energy through the chakras  before dropping into restorative yoga postures for a yoga nidra practice.

To end the afternoon we will gather round the outdoor firepit ( weather permitting!)  letting go of negative emotions, fears, past attachments and unresolved tensions to make space for the new intentions.

A beautiful afternoon offering time for movement, reflection & relaxation so you feel ready to step forward into the New Year positively.


** Please note due to limited group numbers all bookings made are non refundable and non transferable**