Restorative Yoga To Balance Manipura Chakra


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Restorative Yoga To Balance Manipura Chakra

Sunday 19th May 6.30 -8.30pm

**Date Change from 28th Apr**

Balance your energy centers with this series of chakra based restorative yoga sessions. The Chakras are both fascinating and complex. An ancient system of healing, growth and transformation. Often depicted as wheels of energy which align the spine from crown to base. They form a map of your own inner world and are a useful framework to identify not only how your energy is expressed, but where your energy is over or underactive and how in turn that manifests as an imbalance in your physical, mental and emotional being. Each chakra has its own associations and correspondences to different parts of the body, glands, colours, sounds, shapes (yantras) and emotions to name a few.

In these sessions you will  learn how to explore and balance  your own chakras using asana, mudra, mantra, visualization, meditation and relaxation.

Are you ready to redefine your concept of power to something that enhances, empowers and strengthens you?

From Earth to Water to Fire. Matter and movement come together to create this third state of Energy: transformation, power, courage and confidence.

As the name implies the solar plexus is the fiery sun element. Manipura in Sanskrit means ‘lustrous gem’ so called because it shines bright like the sun, bringing light, warmth, energy and vitality.

This is our centre of power, will and self esteem. If you are feeling low on energy, confidence or will power re-balancing your fire may be helpful. On the flip side if you find it difficult to relax and or feel like you are always on overdrive  your fire centre may be burning out so join me for this powerfully revitalising 3rd Chakra Restorative session.

We will begin with an opening empowering fire meditation followed by cleansing breathwork and acupressure with essential oils.  Asana will focus primarily on the solar plexus for this session, the area of the body relating to manipura,  and then we will move into reclined and supported restorative asana, with sound, essential oils and visualization all of which will support the balance of the 3rd chakra. A yoga nidra will complete this beautifully grounding practice designed to release the layers of body mind tension we carry.

You can purchase this chakra restorative session individually or buy ALL 4 sessions together for a discount using the Chakra bundle link also on my website

**Please note with these workshops due to small group sessions and limited numbers any bookings made are non refundable and non transferable.**