Restorative For Summer: Balancing Pitta


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Restorative Yoga For Summer

Sunday 20th August 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Are you feeling irritable? Running on overdrive? Or physically and/or mentally overtaxed?

If you answered yes to any of those then this practice is for you!

Restorative sessions are deeply healing, restoring and balancing. In this particular session we will be  focusing on cooling down the fiery element of the Pitta Dosha  which during Summer months can become imbalanced.  Energy throughout this season can be high, we may have more outward focus, more social engagements and less time to just be. So balancing this outwardly busy time with some more introspective quality time to rest is so important. 

During this session you can expect cooling breathwork, calming visualisations,  luxurious restorative poses, a little acupressure work, healing sound, essential oils and of course a beautiful Yoga Nidra to end.

All of which will make for a wonderfully soothing practice to release excess heat and mental energy helping re-establish both patience, ease and surrender


**Please note  due to small group sizes and limited numbers any cancellations are non refundable or transferable***