Winter Self Care & Seasonal Support Day Retreat Sun Jan



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Sunday 8th Jan 2023   10am – 4.30pm

This is the second in a series of seasonal retreat days this time providing support for Winter which is such an important time for self-care.  We will be delving into Ayurvedic tips and self-care practices to help you balance the heaviness of ‘Kapha’ and lightness of ‘Vata’. This is the most Yin time of year and a time of introspection, rest and holding space.

The day will combine wisdom from the traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine with morning and afternoon yoga practices to support Winter Wellness, Diet, Nutrition & herbs for this season.  A healthy, wholesome lunch will be provided with snacks and drinks throughout the day.  During the afternoon session we will have a lovely fire ceremony focusing on letting go of any unresolved tensions or worries with the intention of leaving you feeling a little lighter, free and spacious before ending the day with a restorative yoga & relaxation practice.

A perfectly planned day of winter self-care offering time for movement, reflection & relaxation so you feel ready to step forward into the New Year


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